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A successful Sound Restoration relies on two factors:
1. The highly trained ear of an artist
2. Mastery of highly technical sound processing and data processing technology

Each digital recording of the orginal must be analyzed individually.

The restoration techniques depend on:
1. Original medium
2. Degree of wear
3. Types of noises encountered
4. Type of music (or speech)
5. Instrumentation (or voice)
6. Style of music
Each of these elements require a different approach in restoration.

The information is loaded into powerful computers. Many types of restorations can take several times longer to process than the duration of the original recording.

When performing a sound restoration it is very easy to introduce new noises or distortions. That's why each restored recording must be thoroughly checked to verify that only the desired effects were obtained. Many times a sound restoration is sent back to the computers for a second version.

If you would like this process performed by a professional studio, try one of these two links: Sound Restoration and Transfer to CD service
Basic restoration price for an LP: $40.25 Restore and Preserve your Music!
Basic restoration price for an LP: $49.10
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